• Respraying Your Windows

    We are the North East’s leading uPVC Spray Painters.

    By respraying your existing windows and doors, there is no need to replace them, saving you hundreds and sometimes thousands of ££.

    We also care about our environment and respraying your windows as opposed to replacing them is great for our planet. So it’s a win win.

    Our uPVC respray painting service will ensure your windows, doors, cladding, guttering or conservatory will look brand new by improving the aesthetics of your home. With thousands of colours to choose from there really is no reason to replace your windows, doors, cladding, guttering or conservatory.

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  • Respraying Your Windows

    Garage Door Resprays

    Not only is respraying your uPVC windows and doors a very efficient and cost-effective solution, your home or business will also benefit with gaining huge Kerb Appeal. A beautiful and long-lasting and durable finish that will extend the life of your uPVC and increase the value of your home. 

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    This amazing stress free professional method іѕ the best way to change the lооk of your home or business without having to pay the high costs of replacing, or the time, effort and disruption of removing your existing doors and windows.

     We are based in Northumberland & Newcastle Upon Tyne, and cover all of the North East.

    Here are some of the towns and cities we respray windows in ;Town Moor, North Shields, South Shields, Sunderland, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, Heaton, Elswick, New Benwell, Gosforth, Low Team, High Heaton, Saint Peters, Walker Gate, Gateshead, Dunston, Kenton, Wallsend, Felling, Longbenton and Surrounding Areas


  • We knew you did upvc window painting as our neighbour had you in to respray their windows and they were so pleased.So my husband called you and from then on, you were so nice and friendly and we love our new resprayed windows. Thank you.

    Mrs Bouquet, Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • We asked ourselves, "can you paint upvc windows" and found you online and were so pleased we did.

    Your spray painting upvc windows was great, we are both so happy with the result. 100% recommended.

    Graham E., South Shields

  • Thank you for the lovely job of spray painting our upvc windows, we wanted a refresh and facelift out the front and they super in dark blue. We are glad you helped us choose that lovely blue. And the spraying upvc windows cost was not as bad as we thiought.

    Hetty Smith, Wallsend

  • Bob just keyed in "kitchen respray near me" into Google and we got these lovely men come back to us, really pleased with the job. They resprayed our kitchen cabinets, and resprayed our kitchen doors and resprayed our kitchen cupboards. So pleased with all the kitchen respraying they have done !!

    D. Smith, Gateshead

  • We wanted to see a kitchen respray before and after and so pleased we asked, Respray Blyth were so helpful, so pleased I found kitchen resprayers near me.

    They did a sterling job on our kitchen cabinets, door and cupboards. The kitchen looks proper posh now.

    Bob Watson, Wallsend

  • We wanted some upvc window painting done or somehow to spruce up our upvc windows and weren't sure if you can paint upvc windows. We found Respray Blyth on Google and they were very nice and friendly and did a fab job.

    Judy Smith, Gateshead