• Respraying Your Kitchen

    Your old kitchen can look like a new showroom kitchen

    Using the very latest paint technology and high-tech spraying we can make your kitchen look brand new, saving hundreds, even thousands of pounds on new showroom prices.

    We will help you to refurbish your kitchen for much less than you might expect to pay.

    To complete the restoration we can install new handles, upgrade your hinges and add soft door closers and draw runners, to make sure your kitchen not only looks brand new but also feels brand new.

    This service can be carried out much cheaper than the replacement of an existing kitchen, is quicker, and offers much less disruption.

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  • Respraying Your Soon To Be Dream Kitchen

    uPVC Window Respray
    1. We normally carry out a home consultation with you to talk about paint options, to look at the wear on your existing kitchen, and to work out how best to proceed with the work. This also means that we can provide you with a fixed final price without any additional surprises.
    2. We can make recommendations on finishes.
    3. We will decide whether your respray can be done at home, or whether we feel it will be better to remove specific pieces to be resprayed at our facility.
    4. We provide you with fixed days for the work to be carried out and the number of days it will take to complete the respray.

    Call us on 01670 335 530 for a friendly chat.

    We are based in Northumberland & Newcastle Upon Tyne, and cover all of the North East.



  • Wow, we are so happy with your respray job on our kitchen cupboards, doors and cabinets, we didn't think it would make such a difference.Thank you, thank you.

    Betty Hale, Newcastle

  • I must admit I was sceptical at first, but my husband convinced me as he was impressed by their website.He saw pictures of a kitchen respray before and after and contacted these lovely people for a friendly chat. And we now have a dream kitchen as promised.

    J. West, North Shields

  • Great kitchen cabinet respray, and doors and cupboards, all finished off very professionally. Super dooper job.

    Len Hall, South Shields

  • The Ten Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

    A new kitchen makeover by changing the colour can freshen up your kitchen and make it a dream kitchen for a fraction of the price.

    So call us on 01670 335 530 and speak to our lovely people, who can help and advise on the next steps to our beautiful kitchen.

    Kitchens no doubt have found a place in every home as the heart of it. The reason for this is not far-fetched considering the fact that the kitchen is used for purposes such as food preparation, dining, homework and relaxation. It's probably the most lived in room in the house and is definitely no surprise if you are planning to work on your kitchen.In case you are looking for help on how to work on your kitchen to make it warmer towards the family, look no more. Here's a list of ten things your family kitchen should have:

    A Durable Work Surface

    For a family kitchen that's always busy cooking up a meal, having a firm and attractive worktop surface is essential. Kitchens provide you with a number of worktop solutions options including a wide range of the cost-effective and popular family choice, the laminates. Other worktop solutions are Encore, natural wood, durable granite and Corian® which offers a uniform finish with the option to integrate the sink; great for a minimalist look.

    Wipe Clean Walls

    It is preferable to use wall tiles around the areas where food is prepared as this will aid easy cleaning of food splatters to sticky fingers and all the other dirt actions that kitchen walls see. You can paint the rest of the kitchen walls with an endurance paint specially designed for kitchens. They put up a tougher fight against grease and stains, and the paint surface do not get ruined during cleaning.

    An Eating Area

    This is quite important as many house buyers do not want a kitchen without an open plan living/dining area so your kitchen definitely need an eating area. If a dining table can fit into your kitchen then you are good to go, if not, you might want to consider an extension. Band If this is out of the budget, then create a small sociable space by giving up your counter space for a breakfast bar.

    A Place to Relax

    Making the kitchen the heart of the home is quite tricky since it has no bed but with a comfy sofa installed, it will become the heart of the home. It is advisable you go for a wide clean finish like leather since it doesn't absorb much cooking smell and is easier to clean.

    The Latest Technology

    What better way to make your kitchen more comfy than installing some amazing tech like a wireless sound system, TV and a charging point for your gadgets.

    A Place for the Children to Play

    It is not a complete family kitchen if your kids do not have their own special area. To make sure your kids interact too in the kitchen and to make sure they don't tear the place apart, creating a toy storage area will do the trick with a few baskets, tabletop games and craft stuff for fun.

    Child Locks

    If your kids are going to be in the kitchen, then you should seriously consider child locks. While the kitchen is a good place of relaxation, it is also one of hazards. There's the risk of getting burns, scalds, getting injured by sharp knives, ingesting toxic substances and then, the risk of your fingers getting trapped in the cupboards and drawers. And being kids, they'll probably dump their awesome toys for a cupboard filled with window cleaner and furniture polish - childish fascination. Always keep an eye on the kids, child locks are good enough but kids will always be kids.

    Soft Close Cupboards and Drawers

    Children aren't the only ones capable of giving you a hard time, teenagers are quite good at that too. Installing soft close cupboards and drawers will reduce (or stop) slamming, it also minimises the wear and tear on hinges.

    A Family Sized Oven and Hob

    At Respray Blyth, we offer a wide choice of appliances from leading manufacturers. If you have a large family, going for extra hobs will make food preparation easier and faster.

    Adaptable Lighting

    The kitchen is used differently based on the time of the day. Mornings for most families is the busiest time of the day for the kitchen and by evening, it becomes a place to relax and chat. Installing an adaptable lighting solution is a must mainly because we use our kitchens at different hours where natural light might not be enough, focused task lighting is preferred for food preparation, and ambient lighting for dining.