• Garage Door Spraying

    We are the North East’s leading uPVC Spray Painters.

    Most people are inclined to remove and replace their existing garage doors purely for aesthetic purposes.They are fed up with the basic garage door colour - white !! Whether they are changing the look of their garage door to match the colour of their existing windows and doors, or just want a change.

    Why replace when you can respray? Our specialist respray team are able to attend your property and respray your garage door in just a couple of hours. Something which can completely transform the look of your home. Whether your garage is up and over, swinging or sectional roller ? it’s not a problem, we can do it for you.

    Refreshing the colour on any style of garage door creates an unbelievable transformation to any home and is quite inexpensive and provides a highly cost effective solution to replacing the garage door.

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  • Respraying Your Garage Doors

    Respray Garage Door

    If you're looking to freshen up your garage door and need an experienced painter, then look no further. We think we are the best in the North East, our garage door painters specialise in respraying  any type or material of garage door. Using the latest technology and the highest quality of garage door spray paint, we will achieve a perfect and flawless factory finish. Your garage door respray will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

    Respraying garage doors/metal garage door painting is becoming increasingly popular within residential and commercial areas as it is a cost-effective alternative to replacing. Equipped with the tools and ability, we can also spray paint shutters and large doors in commercial properties.

    Our garage door spray paint service aims to transform and also strengthen your existing garage door, frames and trim. Our special garage door spray paint will add protection against all weathering and will give your garage door a new lease of life.

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    We are based in Northumberland & Newcastle Upon Tyne, and cover all of the North East.



  • We needed to have our garage door resprayed or replaced and we decided to have it resprayed. Your team did a great job. Our old garage door is now resprayed and looks cool, thank you.

    Adam Cadel, Sunderland

  • We love love love our newly resprayed garage doors. Can You Paint Garage Doors, we asked ourselves and now we know. You did a great job respraying our garage doors.100% recommended.

    Paul P, Newcastle

  • We love our garage transformation! We were going to buy a new garage door - we saved so much money but getting it resprayed. Great job!

    Smiffy, Low Team